Traditional (TV, radio, newspaper, Yellow Pages) Advertising vs Advertising on Google for small business


trends in online marketingTime’s are a changin’ – is your business keeping up with the changes?

A revolutionary way to advertise more efficiently and for less cost for local small businesses.

Something that never seizes to amaze me is the number of small business owner’s I come across that “can’t afford a website right now.” Yet so many of these same business owner’s are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars each month advertising on the radio, in the local newspapers, and on Yellow Pages. When you advertise with traditional forms of media you are essentially hoping that some people will first off see or hear your ad, secondly they will be interested, and third remember about it later when they aren’t driving or reading the newspaper at work.

Taking this point even further, when people do notice an ad in the paper or hear something on the radio, the next stop in the buying process is typically to check out your website to get more information. If you don’t have a website they will often find a list of your competitors and their products and services.,

Let me propose an alternate, far more efficient method of advertising. Instead of spending large amounts of money to target a large number of people (most of which will have absolutely no interest in your product or service) why not let the customers come to you. Every day people use Google (and other search engines) to find local businesses. If people are actively searching for your product or service its essential your business show up where they are searching.

If I have a clog in my sink and I need a plumber, I’m not going to turn the radio on and listen for ads, and most people don’t even bother keeping the Yellow Pages anymore. If I’m looking for a plumber, I’ll “Google it.” Not only will I get a list of local plumbers, but I’ll be able to see their hours, their services, their contact information and I can pick one based on their past customers reviews. It’s a great way to find quality businesses, and stay clear of the one’s that are just out to get your money.

What’s even more powerful is that I am in NEED of a plumber so I will be picking one from the list. I think you can see the power of having your local business show up on the first page of Google.

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John Shaw

Owner & Lead Developer at Branch Out Marketing
John is the lead developer at Branch Out Marketing. An Ottawa based agency specializing in digital marketing strategies & web development.

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