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Why you need to link your Google AdWords and Google Analytics Accounts

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting to link your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts.  Linking your AdWords to your Analytics will give you a better overall picture of how well your Google Ads are performing.  AdWords alone will only tell you what search query was typed that lead to a click.  Integrating Analytics will allow …


How to Raise Quality Scores in AdWords

The most common question I receive as an AdWords Specialist from new AdWords users is why are my quality scores so low? In order to understand why your quality scores are low you first need to understand how Google generates them.  Quality score is an estimate of the quality of your ads and landing page based …


Traditional (TV, radio, newspaper, Yellow Pages) Advertising vs Advertising on Google for small business

Time’s are a changin’ – is your business keeping up with the changes? A revolutionary way to advertise more efficiently and for less cost for local small businesses. Something that never seizes to amaze me is the number of small business owner’s I come across that “can’t afford a website right now.” Yet so many …


What is Google AdWords, and Is it Effective for Small Business?

Google AdWords are the advertisements that show up in the results of a Google search. It is an extremely efficient means of advertising and is especially useful for businesses with small advertising budgets (What is Google Adwords Video). You can get started for any amount of money you choose, whether you choose to pay per-click, …