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Why you need a full time SEO working for your business

First off, let me clarify, I don’t mean you need someone working full time on your SEO for your site, but you should at least have someone, whether that be inside staff or a marketing consulting agency, ensuring your website is following Google best practices, and tracking whether your site is moving up, moving down …


Traditional (TV, radio, newspaper, Yellow Pages) Advertising vs Advertising on Google for small business

Time’s are a changin’ – is your business keeping up with the changes? A revolutionary way to advertise more efficiently and for less cost for local small businesses. Something that never seizes to amaze me is the number of small business owner’s I come across that “can’t afford a website right now.” Yet so many …


3 Best Tips to Improve Local SEO for Small Business

When business owner’s approach me and can’t figure out why their website isn’t showing up in the search engines, these are the first 3 things I would change. 1. Use “Keywords” and “Key Phrases” in your website’s hyperlinks. Think about what your potential customers would type into the search boxes if they were looking for …


How People Use Google Local to Find Your Business

Lets take a look at how a typical consumer would use Google to find a product or service. As an example, we will try to find an electrician in Ottawa. This is what Google displays when I type “Electrician Ottawa” into Google. On the left-center you can see a list of the top 7 most …


Why search engines are important for your small business?

In today’s world the quickest and easiest way to find information is through the internet. More specifically, through search engines that index the internet. Below are 5 stats that may surprise you regarding internet search: 1. Search is the number one way people find new websites, beating social media by 300%. Many small businesses will …

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