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Why search engines are important for your small business?

In today’s world the quickest and easiest way to find information is through the internet. More specifically, through search engines that index the internet. Below are 5 stats that may surprise you regarding internet search: 1. Search is the number one way people find new websites, beating social media by 300%. Many small businesses will …


5 Mistakes to Avoid For Your Small Business Website

There are certain things that will instantly turn off web viewers. This article is to ensure you don’t make these huge website mistakes when designing your business website – mistakes that will have your potential customers instantly clicking the back button in their browsers. Make sure you avoid: Auto Playing Anything: A big pet peeve …


What are Key Features Every Business Website Needs?

Even though every website is different in it’s design and its purpose there are a few key features that every website needs. In order to ensure the highest probability of people staying and your website and converting into a future customer make sure your website includes all of the following:   Attractive and Easy to …


What is Google AdWords, and Is it Effective for Small Business?

Google AdWords are the advertisements that show up in the results of a Google search. It is an extremely efficient means of advertising and is especially useful for businesses with small advertising budgets (What is Google Adwords Video). You can get started for any amount of money you choose, whether you choose to pay per-click, …


What is SEO and why does my business need it?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the PROCESS of improving the ranking of a website in the Internet Search Engines.  Essentially, how relevant is your website to the search query that the user typed into the search box. The search engines are constantly collecting information about every page on the web to help people find …

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